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Birthdate:Nov 5
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Primarily a fannish space. I'll, like, figure out ratios as I go along. I made this account to participate specifically in bandom challenges so that's what you'll see here the most, I expect. RL stuff to be kept on a low simmer.

Me: Music journalist by day, fanfic gremlin by night. I'm addicted to words (and they're useless). I'm more than a little bit shy and more than a little bit cagey about my RL privacy but I'm also pretty chatty and thrilled whenever anybody wants to shoot the shit. I'm very new to DW and still figuring it out so bear with me, I'm excited but slow to learn. I really love to write, love to talk meta, love to get in deep with fandom.

Permissions: I'd prefer if you shot me a message before you published any remix/sequel of any of my fic, but art and podficcing and such are totally welcome. Just link back to the original (and if you want, send a link of your work to me - I'd love to see it).

This profile subject to frequent change while I figure out DW. That said, I occasionally link to content that isn't suitable for minors, so if you're under 18, shoo!

Interests (18):

90s emo, classic rock, classic sci fi, d&d, jerry cornelius, led zeppelin, lgbt activism, live music, mainsteam emo, music, pop punk, prog rock, queen, reading, stress baking, stress-eating of baked goods, the paisley underground, writing
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